Yenworthy 2015 - Day 2

Dear Mrs Hawkins,

In a day designed to make even Popeye feel slightly apprehensive about his well-known powers, we discovered not just our outer strength but our inner strength and we are pretty confident that if Lord Sugar doesn't accept our applications to appear on his next series of The Apprentice, we might be able to convince TV to bring back The Crystal Maze... Today, ladies and gentlemen, in one word was EPIC.

But first...

It came to light quite quickly this morning that we are fairly skilled at going to sleep. We are, it appears, also pretty up there when it comes to staying asleep. Miss Manley actually had time to sort out all the photos from last night and drink a WHOLE cup of tea before we even started to stir. We think we might have convinced them we can hack this 'mega sleepover' thing. It was a little bit more of a challenge to get ourselves sorted and ready for breakfast...and then came the additional curve ball of having to do all of this AND prepare our rooms for inspection (though actually, some of us were overheard 'rehearsing' our bribery methods last night!)

Inspection duly survived, the bell rang to call us for breakfast. Today was a mere two-course affair: our choice of cereal from the Yenworthy Cereal Bar followed by a hot bacon roll or a veggie sausage sandwich. Some of us actually screamed with delight when we came to know of this fact! Unfortunately, we then had to have a Maths lesson... Mental Maths before 9 a.m. is quite tricky, particularly when getting it wrong might mean someone has no lunch! But we managed to make a choice about what we wanted in our sandwiches (we had 5 choices!) add up to 26 and everyone got fed at lunchtime, so we are in the clear.

Breakfast completed, it was on to our daily duties.... The Yenworthy Team call this "Happy Half Hour"... The look on some of our faces when we were given our tasks made it quite clear that we don't necessarily agree that this is the best title...but, hey, we went with it. Some of us set about making sandwiches for everyone (yes, we did wash our hands), some of us swept the boot room and the corridor, some of us tidied the workroom and lounge and some of us put on our outdoor kit and went with John and Miss Piggott to sort out the recycling. Some of us were REALLY lucky. We got to take Henry for a walk down the corridor and amazingly, his nose sucked up all the dirt. We hear his surname is "Hoover". Though we initially eyed him with suspicion, we think we might be friends come the end of the week. Yenworthy say that when we get back, our parents can all have a holiday...we thought about maybe offering Bob and Alfie a day off from cleaning the school too because new skills have to be practised. Let us know what you think.

So, on to the main task for today. We had to use all our mental and physical energy to cope with a fast, furious and full on day of Outdoor Business. Each team was given £30 (money at Yenworthy comes laminated and while we are not sure it would get us far outside of here, it was a coveted currency for us today!) Each task could win us money - the harder the task, the more money we could get - but also, each task cost us a certain amount of money and we had to decide how best to invest that money to generate the most profit. We were all actually rather savvy about this from the off and actually thought about our method first - we are told this isn't always the case! Today, we also learned how to talk AND listen and just how much better things can be if we all have a plan. Of course, it does help even more if we all have the same plan at the same time...

Did you know that if you are tied to a rope and that rope ties you to another person and that person is tied to a rope, you can still navigate your way around a really difficult obstacle course? Well, you can. The only thing you need to remember is that if one of you decides to make an unexpected move, the other four people behind you, that are tied to you, will be following you too - and they might not be planning to do that quite yet! We learned that communication is absolutely key and that when you are all tied together, you HAVE to work as a team! If you don't think about it, you find yourselves doing all kinds of crazy gymnastics and you also tie yourselves in knots (real ones!) and one group even managed to tie themselves to a tree. Thankfully they worked out how to untangle themselves so Sally and Paul didn't have to bring them "Tree Service" at dinner time! Did you know that it is possible to climb a wall? Yes, so did we. But this was not your average wall. This was a wall with no footholds, no handholds and no ropes. It was just us, our team and a wall more than double our height. But you can climb it. The Yenworthy Official Secrets Act unfortunately forbids us from revealing any information about how this is done. So sorry. Talk to us about it on return and your questions will be met with nothing more than a satisfied smile and a knowing look - though you might spot some of us grow a few centimetres in height or see our chests swell with pride as you talk about it - because our success was pretty awesome! Whatever you do, don't talk to Miss Manley about "Island Swap". We are not sure, but we think we might have seen evidence of light rain coming from her eyes at one point as she saw us in action and pushing through one particularly tricky moment towards ultimate success. Perhaps some of the gravel had got in them?

After a crazy day of physical effort, can you believe that they made showers compulsory?! Tonight, the boys learned to use the showers...and also made another new amazing technological leap forward by inventing a new way to do the washing...Wearing your socks in the shower could save your busy family an awful lot of time you know! Worth a thought.

Tonight, after all that hard work, what better way to refuel than stew and dumplings followed by syrup sponge and custard? We LOVED it (even if we approached it with a certain level of trepidation). We sort of guessed it wasn't bedtime yet. We were right. Pete got us all outside again to do some orienteering. We could totally handle that. We've all had a go at school. Oh, wait? What? Do it on our own? With no help? Outside? In the rain? In the DARK? Whaaaat?! As we worked, we were treated to an impromptu concert by Manley, Piggott and Thompson. They sang all the songs they could think of with "rain" in the title...Pete joined in too. They looked pretty pleased with themselves - we didn't quite know whether to be amused or slightly scared!

Our day came to a close with hot chocolate and a good giggle over today's photos - we have lots to show you already. The adults are wondering if tonight will be as quiet as last night...We haven't quite decided on our plan yet.

Quotes of the day:

(Pointing confidently at waterproofs): "I make these blue things look goooood!"

"Don't worry about what you look like, just MOVE!"

"Hang on, hang on. What's the point of having a plan until you know what the problem is to have a plan about?"

"Wait! I'm tied to a tree!"

"It's so totally ALL about the money!"

"OK. Stop. Can we just find out where everyone's legs are?"

So, we need your help. We know that we should probably say that "we are missing people back at home" but actually, we know that our first school rule is "We tell the truth." Any advice on what we should do about that?

We've seen evidence of a massive trailer with lots of surfboards inside. We think this might be a clue about what is going to happen tomorrow. Watch this space...

Lots of love,

Year 6 xxx