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About St Barnabas PTA

Who's a member of the PTA?

St. Barnabas PTA represents the Parents and Teachers of St. Barnabas School. Every parent at the school is a member of the St.Barnabas PTA, whether or not they attend meetings, and the PTA as an organization welcomes the views of all parents.

What does the PTA do?

The PTA is involved in varying degrees in most school events. Some, such as the summer fete or the Christmas party, are organized primarily by the PTA. Others are organized mainly by staff at St. Barnabas and the PTA takes responsibility for one aspect, for example the refreshments at the Christmas concert. In other words the PTA works to make these events as successful as possible and usually raises money at them as well.

Other activities such as the spring raffle or cake sales, refreshments at school events, selling school tea towels and calendars are often fund raising, but equally enrich the atmosphere of the school. E-mail us with your ideas or suggestions!

I am a busy working parent how can I help?

You don't have to come along to meetings to get involved. We appreciate any contribution from cakes to a stint on the bar at a school event. Join the St Barnabas Community by registering or e-mailing us, and let us know the sort of things you might be able to help with. We'll contact you by email when an appropriate opportunity arises. We understand that you cannot be available all the time!

Financial Contributions

All our activities support the school community in one way or another, and we use some of the larger events to raise money to pay for equipment, run courses, subsidise school trips and events, plus many other things that are not covered by the operational finances of the school. Any donations will have a huge effect on the range of support and activities the PTA can offer, so if you can support us in this way it would be a big help. To contribute, please download the PTA Donation Form.

Who runs the PTA?

At the beginning of each School year an AGM is held to elect the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and at least one class representative for each year group. For contact details please see the PTA Contacts page (registered users only).


Position Responsibilities
Chair Manages meetings, represents PTA at other meetings and events .
Vice Chair Supports the Chair.
Secretary Minutes, general admin, legal responsibilities.
Treasurer Accounts, financial reporting, cash management
Events Secretary   A central point for events teams to liase with.
Class Reps Develop communication between PTA and parents in the classroom.


The PTA committee also has a President who is the current Headteacher, plus one or more Teachers' Representatives from the teaching staff.

The committee sets the agenda for the year's activities and is responsible for communicating this agenda to the wider school community. The Class Reps are available to parents outside of PTA meetings, so even if a parent is unable to attend any meetings, suggestions can be passed on via class reps, or indeed any of the members of the committee.

Register here to gain access to the PTA web site where you can access minutes, financial information and more about what we are working on this year.

Last modified: 9 February, 2015