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Years 1 & 5

Here are two ‘sound maps’ that were made by the Year 1 and Year 5 classes at St Barnabas. The idea is to ‘map’ the sound made, using the Google API, to the place where it was recorded. Click on the map pointers to hear the sounds where they were recorded. Or maybe just listen to the SoundCloud ‘list’ below...

Both Year 1 and Year 5 classes were given a talk on listening, and about having awareness of the sounds around them. Next they were shown a genuine working sound map of the world (this is an on-going project at ), in which you can hear recorded ambient sounds from around the globe, submitted by the general public – mostly recording enthusiasts. Each class was then sent out in small groups to capture sounds with hand-held recording devices to create their own ‘sound maps’ of St Barnabas School.

Laurence Colbert 17th January 2014


St Barnabas Sound Map (Year 1)

From looking at frogs, listening to taps, jumping off steps, and rustling leaves in the playing field: the children seemed to be lost in a world of sound... I think the railings are my favourite!


Drumming on stoolsSt Barnabas Sound Map (Year 5)

Many took to the idea of an 'archive' in rather touching ways, leaving spoken testaments to their friends and introducing spaces and people vocally when they were in charge of the microphone.

Although these voices will be archived as part of the whole project, most of the intentionally spoken aspects have to be left out, because initially the idea is that all sounds are 'secret' (i.e. we don't know who the recordist is..), and that we are listening to the natural ambience, and naturally occurring sounds...

Last modified: 28 January, 2014